Advertising—Door Hangers—Trash

A couple of days ago in the late morning I was greeted at my front door by trash advertising. You know, those annoying door hangers. It isn’t enough that we get bombarded by advertising in radio, TV, billboards, email, etc., but people come on to our property and right to the front door and attach it to the door knob. Dirty word, dirty word, dirty word.

Let’s see what we got:

  1. Super Sale – Vinyl Gates – $594.00 installed
  2. Affordable Floors Inc.
  3. Rainbow Environmental Services
  4. Michael Gates for HB City Attorney
  5. Concrete Ideas – Driveway Special –

I abhor this kind of advertising. Trash at/on my front door. This is worse than the throwaway newspaper and advertising supplements that are thrown on the driveway.

This kind of advertising tells a thief, or potential thief, that I am not home. Please, come and rob my house.

I have an extra bone to pick with three of the above trashers.

  1. Affordable Floors Inc. A simple black print on white, no pictures and a folksy beginning: “Hello, thank you for taking a minute to read this. I’m your neighbor – . . . at 1624 Sandlewood Ave.” Intimating that he is nearby. I live in Huntington Beach; his address is in Fullerton, which is halfway across the county. Neighbor? Bullfeathers!!!
  2. Rainbow – These people collect trash. On their hanger is an ad for Clean-a . We have to separate our trash: garbage, recyclables, yard waste. OK, we use three cans. Clean-a-can will clean these cans for me: “Up to 3 Trash Cans for only $9.99 per month.” Ten dollars a month (One hundred twenty dollars per year) to clean trash cans? What a rip.
  3. Michael Gates for HB City Attorney: . It isn’t enough that we have obscene numbers of signs and posters on almost every intersection of the city for the upcoming elections, but we now have candidate trash left on our front doorsteps. “My Promise to Voters, I will…
    • Protect HB Taxpayers (From what? An elected politician, like he wants to be, who will hurt me by spending my tax money?)
    • Allow Only Constitutional City Ordinances (Like someone else will allow unconstitutional city ordinances?)
    • Eliminate Waste (What kind of waste? Trash advertising waste that he leaves at my front door?)
    • Defend the City of HB (From what? Santa Cruz trying to be Surf City?)
    • Restore Professionalism (You mean the current City Attorney is not acting professionally. I beg to differ.)

Ahhh, well. There you have it. Rant, rant, rant. Rave, rave, rave.

Oh, yeah. Of the above only the one from Concrete Ideas was actually on the door knob, attached with a rubber band. All of the others were just tossed on my welcome mat.