America — Government Shutdown

This government shutdown is showing me a side of life that I don’t understand.
Since moving out on my own nearly fifty years ago, I have never lived paycheck to paycheck. I always had enough savings to tide me over for at least a month or two or more.
I can understand people with minimum wage jobs, large families, expensive tastes, self-employed, etc., being in the position of living from paycheck to paycheck, but . . . people with steady jobs working for the Federal government (sometimes couples) not being able to pay monthly bills, including rent after missing only one or two paychecks? . . . and yet, people like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, who could lose 99% of their wealth and still be worth 4 or 5 hundred times what I will earn in my lifetime, blithely going on as though nothing is wrong; THIS IS NOT RIGHT!
People who work should earn enough to provide for themselves and their families!
We are a wealthy nation; we may not be wealthy enough to have everyone live like a millionaire or billionaire, but we are certainly wealthy enough to have wage rates sufficient that working people can live without fear of missing meals, losing their homes or going without medical care — aren’t we?
And, are we not, wealthy enough to provide for those who are physically unable to work? for those who are too old, frail or ill?
My vision of America is more closely aligned with the America of “I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door!” than with that of “I’ve got mine; F— you!”