. . . and sometimes . . . you just want to cry.

I read a newspaper or two just about every morning–even when I’m on vacation. If nothing else, they have puzzles. Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune has several: Sudoku, Isaac Asimov’s Super Quiz,  the New York Times Crossword Puzzle and A Daily Crossword puzzle. Also on the page is the Daily Bridge Club and an advice column by one Carolyn Hax–“Get away now from abusive fiancée”

The puzzles were all easy–after all, today is Monday. I don’t play Bridge. The advice column was, well, DUH! But then I noticed the picture in the upper left to the left of the Sudoku and above the advice article. It was called “Minnesota’s Waiting Child.” She’s Asian and looks to be the age of one of my many thousands of former students.

For those of you who know nothing about me, I taught junior high/middle school for forty years in southern California before retiring in 2012.

“Fourteen-year-old P_ H___ is a very adventurous young lady. She loves to sing and enjoys spending time with her family and attending summertime barbecues. She is very nurturing and has a calm demeanor. P_ H___ loves socializing and being around others. If she could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, she would love to visit Tokyo.”

. . . and sometimes . . . you just want to cry.

“She is parenting a 3-month-old son, so we are looking for a family willing to parent P_ H___ while also teaching her the necessary skills to parent her son.”