Health Update

Health, Wealth and Wisdom — Well, one out of three ain’t bad.


Hey, I still can. No breathing problems at all; I still use the Advair inhaler twice a day but haven’t had to use the emergency inhaler at all.


Had a melanoma removed from my lower right back in late March; no problems since.


Got new glasses; slight increase in reading magnification.


Cologuard result was positive so I had a colonoscopy. Made an appointment with the doctor I was referred to on April 11 for June 19 (earliest opening). The office called on April 29 and said there was an opening on May 3 two hours after I was scheduled for an untrasound/electrocardiogram; I took it. Saw the doctor and scheduled the procedure for May 7 @ 8:45 am.

Charlie called the home care service and got a carer for the morning; Mike took me over and brought me back and later brought us to Charlie’s afternoon medical appointment. No problems either with the prep or with the procedure itself which took 22 minutes and 49 seconds, according to the printout I received — with color pictures (none of which I shall enlarge and frame).

A few polyps were found and removed. I received a phone call from the office this morning and was told that all were benign. Next procedure in three years.


The ultrasound showed that my heart is still beating, although some of my former students might find that hard to believe as they didn’t think I had a heart, at least one that wasn’t made of stone. There’s a bit of leakage, but nothing serious and the aneurysm isn’t large enough for surgery (yet). The doctor has thought about prescribing a beta-blocker but that could compromise my breathing.

Also, beta-blockers lower the heart rate. As my heart rate is usually in the 50s — 60s he didn’t want to lower it any further as that could increase the leakage. I’ll see him again in late September and must schedule another CT scan the week before. (Vitals were taken when I arrived for my appointment — BP: 119/69 and HR: 54.) And, of course, he wants me to monitor and record my BP at home so I need to get a blood pressure monitor.


Had three below-the-gum-line cavities filled.


Received a notice from the HB Paramedics on Saturday; they want verification of insurance. The bill was for $1,300+ and my being in the HB Fire Med program with insurance will pay for it. If I didn’t have insurance I’d only get a 20% discount on the bill. Filled out the form and sent requested copies of my insurance and Medicare (with my new, non-SS, number) card.

Hmmmmm . . . March 1st 911 call — May 11 request for info, ahhh ain’t efficiency grand.