Kohl’s Shopping Postscript

Last week I again took my wife to shop at Kohl’s. She wanted to return some items and purchase some additional items. After she returned her items and her account credited, we ventured into the store’s interior. Emerging a half hour later with her clothes we arrived at the customer service station where we entered the store.

The clerk asked my wife for her discount sticker, which she hadn’t remembered to bring. She then asked my wife if she remembered what the percentage discount was. My wife said she thought it was 20% but could have been 15%. I told my wife (and the clerk) that the discount was, of course, 30% – the maximum. How can anyone not give that answer? The clerk said: “I can do 30%.”

The clerk had made a sale.

The store made a profit.

My wife saved a few dollars.

I got to go home.

Additional Postscript:

Kids. If your teacher ever asks you what grade you think you deserve on an assignment, remember to say: “I believe I deserve an A.” And then tell your teacher why you believe you earned your A. If you tell your teacher that you deserve a B or a C or other grade and explain that you could have worked harder, done more research, started earlier, your teacher will believe you and you have no chance at that A.

Better yet, work harder, do more research, start earlier and truly earn that A.

Your teachers want reasons to give you higher grades; give them those reasons. No teacher wants to flunk a student (even you). Remember, we work hard to teach you; your failure reflects not only on you but on us. If you fail at something you really want to do well, do you feel good about it? We feel the same way about teaching; when we see you learning and and succeeding, we feel good too.