Butterfly and Daffodil
Butterfly and Daffodil

In Di’s backyard garden.

Crusader Cat–Not!

Los Angeles’ local affiliate, KABC 7, wants pictures of dogs and cat interested in the news. Crusader Cat 2Crusader Cat 4I’ve tried and tried to get Mist and Smoke to watch but nothing seems to work. They only seem to be interested in napping on my lap. Crusader Cat 3Sorry, I tried KABC.   Crusader Cat 1











(Smoke is using his sister, Mist, as a pillow. At other times she will use him as a pillow.)

— — — — —

Our four-footed “Burmese boys” passed away ten days apart last February. Although they cannot be replaced, we have just added Mist and Smoke to our family. They are a sister and brother pair of Siamese kittens born on June 16th, 2013 at Yew Cats in Bonsall, California.

Smoke and Mist asleep on Joe's lap.
Smoke and Mist asleep on Joe’s lap with Smoke using his sister as a pillow.
Hi Neighbor
Our Lovebirds getting a look at their new neighbor.
Almost nine weeks old and Smoke shows no interest in baseball.

This handsome fellow was one of a family we saw in southern Oregon. We were to see a lot more the next month.

Oregon Elk

A lonely watcher at a roadside rest in coastal Oregon (Summer 2012).

Gull on the job

Critters in Warroad, MN

At the Trading Post in Warroad, Minnesota there is a gift/souvenir/cafe shop with a totem in front, whose top provided a perfect nesting site (Summer 2012). (They were evicted a month later for being too messy and bothering customers.)

Trading Post Birds 1 Trading Post Birds 4 Trading Post Birds 3 Trading Post Birds 2

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