Spam, Scam, Phishing and Robo-Calls

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Our phone numbers are on the federal Do Not Call list, and we have NoMoRobo. And we still get spam and robo-calls nearly every day. I report all of these “suspected” spammers, scammers and phishers. Don’t know if it does any good, but . . .

I’m adding a new page to my blog site for these numbers.

1.28.16 —       1-216-282-0367 — Caller ID: Cleveland OH

                        1-310-428-8251 — Caller ID: Cell Phone CA


1.27.16 —       1-845-335-1907 — Caller ID: Garrison NY

My new page also contains links to NoMoRobo and the National Do Not Call Registry.

I’m not sure whether this demonstrates how irritated I am with these calls, or how much time I have on my hands, or, maybe, something else entirely.