Sunday Morning

Super Bowl Sunday Morning

It’s (Super Bowl) Sunday morning in Southern California, Orange County, Huntington Beach—and it’s a beautiful morning.

Mist on lap. (Siamese cats)
Mist on lap.

There’s a marathon and half-marathon in HB this morning and umpteen thousands will be there—not me. I’m at home. Coffee on the tray to my right, newspapers on the same tray, cats on my lap or on the back of my chair or on the sofa.

Boob-tube: Arsenal 5 – Ashton Villa 0  —  Go Gunners!

Charlie is on the patio with her tea, book and iPad. She’s been watching a young hawk hunt birds in the garden.

LA Times front page stories:

  • A perilous plan to evict Islamic State
  • Taming the cost of care
  • When baby Jesus shows his age
  • It’s an open field for NFL fans in L.A.
  • O.C. political scene sees an ethnic shift
Smoke on back of chair. (Siamese cats)
Smoke on back of chair.

OC Register front page stories:

  • Vaccine critics get defensive over measles
  • War of words

Let’s see, what do I have to do today? Wash dishes, clean litter boxes, make numerous cups of tea, watch a football game (eat too much and have a drink or two.).


What does Charlie have to do today? Grade papers and work on semester grades . . . chuckle.


Ah . . . retirement.

Mist and Smoke on lap. (Siamese cats)
Mist and Smoke on lap.