Coyote — Cast off your old tired edibles?

Being retired and spending most of my time around the house, my thoughts sometimes run in strange directions.

About a year ago I began watching Andrew Zimmern’s show: Bizarre Foods. Some of the things he eats look quite appetizing and others . . . Well, I don’t think I’d try them on a bet and, possibly, not even if I was starving.

Tonight though, I went “hmmmm . . .”

I was fixing our dinners and in the background Zimmern was visiting the Bronx (NYC). Out of a cooler came a, legally caught, skinned coyote. It was then prepared and eaten . . . hmmmmm.

A popular and brazen coyote that was frequently seen cavorting and hunting in close proximity to people at Huntington Beach's Central Park was euthanized on June 21. This photo was taken by Dawn Macheca of Huntington Beach about two weeks before the animal was darted and then put down by O.C. Animal Control.
Picture by Dawn Macheca at Huntington Beach’s Central Park — OC Register

We have a surplus of coyotes in SoCal.

Tacos de Coyote, anyone?

The Travel Channel: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern – “The Bronx” – Original air date: 7.12.2016.