The Trip — 2016: Part 12 — Mitsos Taverna

Helen and her daughters arrived on time. The next day the women spent most of their time in or around the pool. It was a most relaxing morning and afternoon.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at the Mitsos Taverna at the entrance to the Nissaki harbor. Spiros, the son of one of the market owners was good enough to come and get Trish, Di and I and drive us to the taverna as Di was unable to either walk the distance or the slope (Helen and her daughters walked). Out of the car and up three steps and we were there. (There was a short, steep ramp for a wheelchair, or deliveries, at about a 45° angle, but we walked Di up the three steps and just picked up her walker and put it on the deck to walk to our table.)

As we had reserved a table earlier in the day we got the end table seating six with the beach on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other two sides. Just about the best place to have dinner with no noisy diners on three sides.

Trip - Di and Joe at Mitsos Taverna, Nissaki, Corfu
Di and Joe at Mitsos Taverna, Nissaki, Corfu

Di chose her seat facing toward the sea and I sat beside her with Trish opposite me, Helen next to her and Holly and Eleanor at the table ends. Water was ordered and wine and I had a beer — a Corfu Beer Red Ale Special — Excellent, and a second bottle later in the meal.

For “Befores” Di had a salad and I had Octopus in Vinegar — absolutely delicious. If I hadn’t wanted to sample some other foods, I’d have been quite happy to have had another order or two of the octopus . . . yum.

For dinner Trish and Di had the Salmon Penne, Holly had a cheese pizza, Helen had mussels; I don’t remember what Eleanor ate, and I ordered the Sea Food Plate: a whole fish, two prawns, a few sardines, some calamari and a few inches of octopus with a new potato and veggies. We were all pleased with our selections and wanted to return to try some other menu choices.

Di and Trish had ice cream for dessert (chocolate and pistachio); the rest of us were quite full or sampled theirs. We were graciously given a ride back to the villa after dinner. (In an old VW van that was used to carry fish and only you can guess what else over the years.) An enjoyable dinner in enjoyable company.

Di and I got up a little before eight this morning and enjoyed tea and coffee on the patio. It’s nice that she has her sisters here with us and conversation about her English family.

The only television is satellite news stations (CNN, BBC, etc.) or Greek language channels. I find this quite acceptable and am in no hurry to get back to America and our habit of coffee, tea and morning shows.

At home I read both the LA Times and the OC Register and with WiFi available here I still read them — both papers have E-editions. These are photos of the actual newspaper and I can read them on my Mac or Di’s iPad almost just as if I were at home. I do, however, miss my puzzles as there is no printer here. When we go to the market, we usually pick up a British paper and a copy of the New York Times International Edition (What used to be called The International Herald-Tribune.) and I work some of their puzzles.

(to be continued)