The Devil is a Part-Timer

One of the nice things about being retired is that I have a few hours of free time most days.

After taking Charlie to work today I came home, exercised and read several chapters of David Drake’s Monsters of the Earth.  I then fixed lunch and headed for the beach. (Chuckle – 64° and sunny) I sat down and completed the puzzles from both the Times and the Register and then read some more and then did some more puzzles, left over from last week. By then it was three o’clock and I had to pick up Charlie.

I brought her home, fixed her some Earl Grey tea. Then to the gas station to purchase petrol for the next week  and to the smoke shop for her cigs.

She did some school work; I worked on my book (105,000+ words, two and a half chapters to go). Fixed her some soup for dinner while she watched a dvr’d episode of Criminal Minds.

I ate in the spare bedroom and enjoyed an adult beverage, a cat in my lap and an anime on the boob tube.

I like anime. Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and the like.

Netflix has some good anime, both movies and TV series. Tonight I watched the last couple of episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer. Are you in need of a few good laughs? Watch this one.

I suppose, if you really wanted to, you could say that it’s a story about the mutability of character under changing circumstances or the perception thereof. But, nah, don’t read anything serious into it.

At any rate the next to the last line is a spoiler.

Oh, yeah, remember those container ships I occasionally talk about? You know, the ones that bring those (cheap) foreign goods you buy in W – – – – t? Today I counted thirteen of them off the coast. According to the TV news stations there are actually more than thirty of them waiting to be unloaded at Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Don’t hold your breath.


He finds work as an assistant manager at a well known international burger franchise.

Time to get a re-fill on the adult beverage. Good Night.