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dianaaubuchon.net / Reflections  —  This is my wife’s blog. She recently retired after some 30+ years teaching in the Orange Unified School District and the Santa Ana Unified School District. She taught primarily Language Arts/English/Reading at the junior high level. She also taught History, published her school’s yearbook and had responsibility for the cheerleaders. She taught at Yorba and Portola in Orange and McFadden Intermediate School in Santa Ana.

Book Links

Baen Books  —  Baen publishes some of my favorite Science Fiction / Fantasy. They also maintain a “Free Library” of novels and short stories. The stories can be downloaded or read directly on the web. Well worth visiting if you’d like to sample an author’s work before buying his, or her, books.

Tor  —  Publisher of Science Fiction / Fantasy.

Ace  —  Publisher of Science Fiction / Fantasy. Roc is also an imprint of New American Library a division of Penguin Books.

DAW is also Penguin.

Del Rey  —  Publisher of Science Fiction / Fantasy and, yes, you’ll find Penguin here also.

Camelot Books — Favorite used book store (also within walking distance, well, it used to be)

Vroman’s Bookstore — When I lived in the San Gabriel Valley, this place was IT.

Huntington Beach Public Library


Sharon Lee and Steve Miller  —  Liaden Universe stories and fantasy.

David Weber  —  Honorverse

David Drake  —  RCN, Hammer’s Slammers, The Isles, Northworld

Peter F. Hamilton  —  Confederation Universe/Night’s Dawn Trilogy, Commonwealth Saga, Void Trilogy, Greg Mandel

Jack McDevitt  —  Alex Benedict/Chase Kolpath, Priscilla Hutchins

Ryk E. SpoorGrand Central Arena, The Balanced Sword, Boundary

L. E. Modesitt, Jr. — The Saga of Recluce, The Imager Portfolio, The Corean Chronicles Series

Loren Rhoades — In the Wake of the Templars Trilogy

Eric Flint — Boundary series, Mother of Demons

Steven PinkerThe Blank Slate, How the Mind Works, The Better Angels of Our Nature

Wen SpencerTinker, Wood Sprites, Eight Million Gods

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildRelic, The Ice Limit, Mount Dragon   (They’ve also written some very good solo books.)

Glen Cook — The Chronicles of the Black Company, Dread Empire, Instrumentalities of the Night

Jean Johnson — Theirs Not to Reason Why, The First Salik War



F & SF


Whisky Advocate

Whisky Magazine

Garden Railways Magazine


Ralan.com  —  Links for writers

Cerro Villa Middle School — where I taught for twenty-five of my forty years in junior high

Yorba Middle School — where I taught for the first fifteen of my forty years in junior high

Macsurfer’s Headline News


DSLReports Speedtest

Speakeasy Speedtest

https://explodingkittens.com/kittyconvict/ — “Brand” your indoor cat as an escaped “convict” if it gets out of the house/apartment without permission.

Snopes.com — Internet Truth?

https://ourworldindata.org/ — “Explore the ongoing history of human civilization at the broadest level, through research and data visualization.”




https://giphy.com/ — Need a gif? find it here.


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