Domino’s and Handicapped Parking

Domino’s is known for their pizza delivery business–never having ordered from Domino’s I have no idea if their pizza is good, bad or indifferent. But I do know, now, that at least one of their able-bodied drivers uses well-marked handicapped parking places to save herself a few steps.

I dropped my wife off at her hair salon in Costa Mesa, CA on 17th Street at about 11.30 am this morning. Parking in a handicapped spot by the back door to the salon, I unloaded her rollator (a type of rolling walker with built-in seat) and helped her in the door. I then went to the beach.

I stopped for a hamburger and fries–to go–at TK’s in Huntington Beach and drove to one of my regular lunch spots along PCH. The hamburger and fries were good, as was the weather. An hour later as I was finishing up my puzzles, my wife called and said she was ready for me to pick her up. I threw my trash in the trash can, put my remaining puzzles and book in the back of the car and went to pick her up.

When I got to Hillgren Square Shopping Center in Costa Mesa at about 1.30 pm, a Domino’s delivery car–hatchback door open–was in the handicapped space in front of the door to my wife’s salon. A very able-bodied woman was running back and forth between the open Domino’s door and her car–she was not physically handicapped–and I yelled at her–LOUDLY. Heavens I was P.O.ed at her.

No one was in any of the nearby parked cars, so I parked, engine running, behind two other cars and quickly helped my wife into the car and put her rollator in the back. As I was doing that the Domino’s driver was backing her car out of the handicapped spot, whether to park in another spot or to deliver another pizza, I don’t know.

No, I don’t think I’ll order from Domino’s anytime soon–if ever.

Sorry, no cat pictures today.

Hotel Parking Lot - July 4, 2013, Billings MT
Hotel Parking Lot – July 4, 2013, Billings MT