RV Trip with Di, Joe, Mist, Smoke — Summer 2018 — 3

RV Trip — Part 3

RVing we go — Had a leisurely breakfast, re-loaded the RV and Di and I and the cats headed for Points North. Back over the Pacheco Pass to US 101 and then through Oakland and over the Richmond Bridge rather than over the Golden Gate. Traffic to get on to the Richmond Bridge was awful but then it was back to 101 and then a bit of a drive through wine country.

The day was beautiful and the scenery as well. We stopped for fuel in Cloverdale (16.86 mpg) and took a break. Then it was back on the road.

The new by-pass was open at Willits, so we didn’t need to travel through the city and its, usually horrendous traffic backup.

If you’ve never been to Willits, the one thing I strongly recommend to do there is to take a ride on the Skunk Train. The long trip is to Ft. Bragg on the coast or you can stop half-way and return. Rec: take the long way — stay overnight in Willits or Ft. Bragg and enjoy the day.

Once past Willits it was a leisurely journey to Fortuna where we had a reservation at the Riverwalk RV Park. It’s just a few hundred feet off the freeway but we didn’t notice any traffic noise coming our way. We were the last of the day’s reservations to show and quickly found our space. Full hook-up and a nice table. I fixed some soup and noodles and, of course, a cup of tea for Di.

Rving advantage

It is quite nice to be able to fix her a fresh cup of tea whenever we stop. There is no need to enter a restaurant nor do we have to fix a thermos to last the day.

We have regular electrical outlets for her electric kettle to boil water and milk in the fridge. And, of course, biscuits and crisps in the pantry. Any place to pull over on the side of the road, rest area, gas station, parking lot or curb becomes a full-service break.

To be continued . . .