The Trip — 2016: Part 24 — Patrick Mavros

Thursday — a quiet day.

Trip - "The Messiah" Antonio Stradivari
“The Messiah” Antonio Stradivari – Ashmolean Museum

We went out late in the morning for Di to have a mani-pedi, etc. at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford. Daniel, the doorman, and I got Di into the hotel on a ramp and eventually got her to the Spa via the lift. I was to come for her early in the afternoon.

I returned to the hotel for a shave, trimmed my facial hair, and a nice, very, hot shower. Afterward I toured the Covered Market and then to the Ashmolean Museum. Spent an hour touring galleries I had missed earlier in the week and took a lot of pictures.

Trip - Daniel and Di at The Randolph
Daniel and Di at The Randolph

The Ashmolean is just across the street from the Randolph and I headed to meet Di. I found Di and Daniel having a smoke by the entry and they told me they had an “incident.” Di had almost fallen off of the ramp (Both the Randolph and the Old Bank have portable ramps so that people with wheelchairs, scooters, etc. can “easily” enter and exit their facilities.) on the stairs but that Daniel had caught Di before she had fallen. All Right!

We returned to our hotel via the Covered Market where Di did some souvenir shopping — t-shirts, ashtrays, and cards.

We had a nice dinner at the Quod and thence to bed.Patrick Mavros Jewelry

Friday — I awoke at four this morning to an infomercial — either Di had been watching something in the middle of the night that she had forgotten to turn off or the TV control that I found on the floor next to her side of the bed had been knocked off the tray and booted the TV.

A car from Pryors picked us up at ten-fifteen for a ride into London and a visit to a jewelry store — Patrick Mavros. Malcolm proved to be a very good driver and the trip was quite a nice ride.

Dropping us off at Mavros’ location about Noon we had an hour and a half to spend there. Despite my misgivings about spending so much time at a jewelry store, I enjoyed myself. The owner was quite a gentleman and the shop was an environment to admire. After seeing this shop I imagine that other jewelers are in a state of envy. The shop is beautiful. The building space is marvelous and interesting and some of the jewelry are works of art.

Trip - DI and Patrick Mavros
DI and Patrick Mavros

Di purchased a necklace for her sister, Tricia.

Patrick, the owner, showed us around the building and shop — quite proud of his business, as he should be. Just a marvelous environment.

Malcolm picked us up at one-thirty and returned us to Oxford. Di had a smoke in the hotel parking lot and we then had tea at the Quod — the waiter asked if I would like to have my usual — yes, said I. We’ve only been here a week and the waiter remembers my whiskey — Good Show.

Saturday — This was to be a lazy day as we are visiting Tricia and switching hotels on the morrow.

Patrick Mavros Jewelry -- Patrick and DiDi went shopping for a gift for Helen but was unable to find anything appropriate after a couple of hours in the Covered Market and department stores.

We had dinner in our room.

(to be continued)

Trip - Traffic on our return to Oxford.
Traffic on our return to Oxford.


Trip - Patrick Mavros Jewelry -- Mauritius Collection
Mauritius Collection

Trip - In Oxford, UK
In Oxford, UK