Bust: Breitling – Huntington Beach Airshow — 2017 – Day 1

Well, Charlie and I arrived at Huntington Beach a bit before noon today for the airshow. And it was a complete bust. We saw not a single plane (no Blue Angels; no Snowbirds; no F-16 Viper; no F-35 ) the entire afternoon. Fog, overcast, call it what you will; today there was no show.

And, worst of all, I had bought tickets for the Breitling show. $288 down the drain, or mostly down the drain.

No planes, no demonstrations. But I had a couple of plastics of wine; Charlie had part of a beer and we shared a meal.

But the airshow: no, nothing, nil, nada.

Hey, Breitling: how about a refund or a ticket for a second day?

However, things were not all black, bleak, out of focus or foggy, we met some very nice and interesting people.

Charlie actually got to meet the mounted police and their horses this year. She spoke with a fellow Canadian representing the Snowbirds. And, she met, spoke with and hugged members of the Black Daggers.

So, things weren’t a complete bust.