Breitling – Huntington Beach Airshow — 2017 – Day 3 a

Well, we went back. Charlie decided that we should again get tickets — so I did.

About 10:30 am, we left home, stopped to get her another carton of cigs and drove to the beach. We had to wait an extra signal to get across PCH at Beach Blvd to get into the Huntington Beach City Beach parking lot. People were paying $30 to park and most were using credit/debit cards, making the wait longer than if they were using cash.

I, however, had a parking sticker on our car and we breezed in.

There were plenty of parking spaces and I selected a pull-through, took Di’s scooter out of the trunk, unfolded it and put the battery on and off we went.

Good thing we got there when we did. A half hour later, after Di’d bought some shirts, etc., I walked the bag back to the car and people were searching for the few remaining open spots.

We entered the Breitling tent; we were remembered by those who had been there on Friday. We found a nice table reserved for those with physical difficulties and sat down. We met more good people; we ate more good food and enjoyed more good drinks.

I took more than 500 photographs and will break them into several posts over the next few days. Today’s pictures will be of the Black Daggers, who made two drops about an hour and a half apart.

The first drop was a show the flag opening ceremony jump and the second was a simulated combat drop.

First, however, a word on light conditions. Most of the airshow was out over the water — to the south. Huntington Beach is a south facing beach. This means that for most of the show cameras were pointing in the general direction of the sun. Not the best direction to shoot in for good color pictures. Ah well, we all tried.

A wave from the Black Dagger Blackhawk.
A wave from the Black Dagger Blackhawk.