News Commentary for a Rainy Day

News Commentary

It’s been a while since I’ve let my cynical side out in public–so today a few comments on this week’s news stories.

News stories from the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register

Lawsuit tossed in actor’s death (LA Times 4.6.16): It seems as though traveling too fast killed the people in the Porsche. The deaths couldn’t be blamed on the lack of a crash cage or a racing car fuel cell. Let’s see: drive too fast — hit object — die. If you can’t fault gun makers, when people are killed by their weapons, how can you fault car makers?

Remember The Shawshank Redemption? His Judgement Cometh and that Right Soon. . . .

Ex-undersheriff’s obstruction case handed to jurors (LA Times 4.6.16) & Jury finds (Paul) Tanaka is guilty of obstruction (LA Times 4.7.16): Gee, it seems the jury didn’t believe that it was all (Lee )Baca’s fault and Tanaka was an innocent bystander kept out of the loop by his boss. Possible 15-year sentence in federal prison. Baca made a deal with prosecutors and will get a maximum of six months. Hmmm, doesn’t sound too just to me.

Surprising News? People in power and their relatives aren’t always honest . . .

Relatives of China’s top leaders are identified in Panama papers (OC Register 4.7.16): We’re surprised that the relatives of people in power are creating secretive offshore companies to, maybe, hide ill-gotten funds? Yeah, right.

Icelandic leader quits over ‘Panama Papers’ (LA Times 4.6.16): Iceland? Heavens is nowhere safe?

Secret money is U.S. problem too (LA Times — Op-Ed page 4.6.16): Gee, really? 215,000 offshore shell companies, 14,000 clients — Putin, Poroshenko, Assad, Salman — and billions of dollars. “Nevada, Wyoming and South Dakota have all passes laws making it easier to set up shell companies. . . .” Can someone say Ka-ching?


Let the Fed handle tax rates (LA Times — Op-Ed page 4.6.16): Don’t let Congress raise and lower taxes; pass the job off to un-elected, appointed bureaucrats. Wow, great solution.


Women should vote for women (LA Times — Op-Ed page 4.6.16): Women vote for women, men vote for men, whites vote for whites, blacks vote for blacks, browns vote for browns, gays vote for gays, bigots vote for bigots. What a great solution for a polarized country where our leaders in government can’t seem to compromise. This will help.


More in O.C. are Turning to Guns (OC Register 4.6.16): 8000+ people in Orange County can now legally carry concealed weapons (guns) — 0.35% of our adult population. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel safer to know that all of these people are secretly carrying guns. And, according to the article, that’s far below the national rate of 5.2%. Safer? Yeah, right.


Officials warn of voter ‘surge’ for June 7 primary (LA Times 4.7.16): Gee, more people are registering to vote. Hmmm . . . wonder why. Could it be that there are actual differences between our two major parties and their candidates in this year’s election. Maybe, people are interested in an election that promises to be more than just choosing between Dum and Dee.

More taxes

U.S. imposes tougher rules on inversions (LA Times 4.6.16): You’ll have to pay more taxes that you can’t re-coup by just raising the price of the drugs you sell. Ahhh . . . what a shame–no merger between Pfizer and Allergan to create another monster-sized monopoly.

[Related to the above: Pfizer deal was tax dodge LA Times 4.7.16]

Natural gas

Gas leak slows housing market (LA Times 4.6.16): The Porter Ranch natural gas leak, which lasted months, lowered the number of houses in the area being sold. Gee, contact Captain Obvious–would you want to buy a home there for $670,000?

Retirement News

U.S. adds retirement advice rules (LA Times 4.7.16): “For decades, many investment advisors have been required under federal law to put the best interest of their clients first.” Gee, who could be against that?

“But other retirement advisors, such as brokers and insurance agents, have a lower standard.” Gee, you mean they can put other things, like maybe, their own profits before the best interests of their clients?

“They are required only to make sure investments are suitable for their clients. That allows those advisors, who often receive commissions for the sale of specific investments, to recommend investments that benefit heir bottom line as well–sometimes even more than the client’s.” Hmmm . . .News -- Judgement